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Here you can read information for our guild and rules! AnNiHiLaToRs is Pve/pvp guild in Molten server on realm Sargeras we are mostly pve guild more than pvp... We are guild with 100 members+ most of them with 5k+ gear score we are helpful to each other!If you wanna be from our Family you must help to guilders with everything you have! Be kind to all guilders and respect people with higher Ranks than yours! If you cant do that then you must look for another guild! We doing raids events ects...when you join us first thing you must do is to come here and read rules of guild now about them: ==Basic== 1. Help G-Members, join G-Raids 2. Respect All G-Members 3. No Spam, Swear and Beg 4. Don't Sell Items From G-Bank 5. Don't Ask for Promotions 6. Don't Sell to G-Members 7. Don't use Hacks! 8. Only English in G-Chats and Raids 9. If you have 5k+GS u get Rank Beginner instantly! ==Guild Raids== 1. No Ninjaing 2. Roll for Main Spec! and Only ONCE 3. All G-Raids will be Informed 4. Don't go AFK Without Saying So 5. Don't Complain and Argue 6.Leaving G-Raids without giving reason why Will Get you Kicked From Guild Those are for now if we miss something you always can give your idea for new rule here in forums or wisp to players with rank Officer+ in game! Ranks: Newbie - This rank is for new players in guild with lowest expirience and Gear Score! Beginner - Almost same like Newbie with only difference people with High GS(Gear Score) get it Veteran - This rank is for players who proof them selfs in graids bg's and ects and they know how to play with their class with this rank your are able to draw from 1 slot only from guild bank Annihilator - This rank is one you should be proud for players who are from long time in guild prove their skills to us and they are PRO! with that Rank you will be able to invite players in guild draw from some slots in guild bank Officer - That rank is for almost like Annihilator + you must know how to lead raids pve pvp system to know game well with this rank you can change notes gmessage and guild information and to promote add players in guild draw from all slots in guild bank Guild Master - well for that rank i will not speak because only few people in this guild will have it... Thats all ranks in our guild you will not get them easy(speaking for Veteran+) unless you help alot to guild like few members already did it! Well this is it for now if you have something to add I already write what you must do...